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CIMAGE Professional College

CIMAGE Professional College is a part of ‘The CIMAGE Group of Institutions’ runs under ‘Vijayam Educational Trust’. It is affiliated to AKU ( Aryabhatta Knowledge University), Patna, bearing College Code 310. It is popularly known as the Best BCA college in Patna Bihar.
At CIMAGE Professional College, Under Graduate Courses of Management, IT and Commerce, namely Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA), Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), and Bachelor of Commerce B.Com (P) are run here.

The Building is equipped with all the Modern infrastructural facilities. All the Classrooms are fully Air-Conditioned and spacious. All the classrooms are equipped with Over Head Projectors, Sound Systems, Microphones, Podium and Ergonomic Chairs. Being one of the best college under AKU ( Aryabhatt Knowledge University), Cimage professional college offers an excellent Campus Placement over the years. Add-on Courses are being provided to make the student job-ready.

Welcome to CIMAGE Professional College

CIMAGE Professional College under Aryabhatta Knowledge University. Get Admission in one of the top BCA college in Patna, Bihar. Join Professional College for the admission of BCA, BBA, and B.Com (P) courses.

CPC is the only Super Resource Centre of IIT Bombay in Bihar.

CIMAGE Scholarship

CIMAGE Group of Institutions provides scholarships on the ground of merit. The details of the scholarship are as follows:

Eklavya Scholarship

  • Eklavya Scholarship is also provided on the ground of merit. The students, who show phenomenal success during their studies and great growth is seen in them, are chosen for the Eklavya Scholarship. Depending upon the progress of the student, one may be selected for the Eklavya Scholarship during his study at CIMAGE Professional College. It is separate from the Entrance Exam.

Student Credit Card Scheme

  • Student Credit Card Scheme is a unique scheme launched by the Bihar Government. Students are chosen for this on the grounds of their economic background, irrespective of their religion, caste, gender, etc. Any student, whose family annual income is less than 8 Lakh Rs, is eligible to be benefited from this scheme. Under this scheme, a student is provided a loan of up to 4 Lakh to pursue higher studies.

Vijayam Scholarship

  • Vijayam Scholarship is provided to meritorious students. The scholarship is provided on the basis of the ‘Entrance cum Scholarship Examination’. Those who excel in the examination, are provided the scholarship. The students are chosen for this scholarship at the time of the Entrance Exam.